Electronics Technology - Alternative Energy

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Workforce Development Certificate

Program Description
This short program is designed for those interested in working with alternative/renewable energy or wanting a better understanding of 
the different energy production fields. Oklahoma is ranked 8th (2007) in the U.S. for wind mill utility operation. Solar has long been a part 
in alternative energy production and is growing with the reduced cost of manufacturing solar cells. The student will measure and analyze
 both wind and solar power systems. This program also studies Biofuels and Hydrogen power conversion systems.


Degree Awarded: Certificate of Achievement

For more information, contact:
Business, Information, and Engineering Technologies Division
Northeast: 918-595-7439


Alternative Energy 13 hours
*ALTE/ELET 1223 Hydraulics and Pneumatics
*ALTE/ELET 1442 Introduction to Alternative Energy
*ALTE 1453 Solar Energy Systems
*ALTE 1463 Wind Energy Systems
*ALTE 1472 Renewable Design Project


Electronics 2 hours
*ELET 1212 Introduction to Electricity


Total Credit Hours 15
* Course has prerequisite. (See course description section of catalog).


General education requirements can be found at: www.tulsacc.edu/gened.