Costa Rica

May 11 - 22, 2015 (12 days)

Students will travel to rainforest and marine ecosystems to gain first hand knowledge of the rich biodiversity f Costa Rica's rainforests (La Selva and Monteverde cloud forest) and marine ecosystem at Manuel Antonio. Lectures, reading assignments, discussions, and field experiences are led by experts in the field and provide the framework for a unique student learning experience. Students will explore the effects of  human impact on tropical ecosystems and Costa Rica's carbon offset program. Students will be immersed in Costa Rican culture and participate in fun adventures such as river rafting and zip line through the canopy forest.

Price: appx $2,450

Additional Costs
TCC course, appx 4 meals, souvenirs, tips
- 5/11 Depart Tulsa, arrive SJO, transfer to La Selva Biological Station, orientation talk
     /12 Bird walk at La Selva, guided hike, Dole Banana tour
     /13 Rafting, Research (on own)
     /14 Transfer to Arenal Observatory Lodge, natural history walk
     /15 Guided hike at Arenal National Park, transfer to UGACR (San Luis de Monteverde), orientation, introduction talk
     /16 Bird watching, guided natural history hike, Finca La Bella coffee, sustainable farm tour
     /17 Transfer to Monteverde Cloud Gorest Reserve, guided walk, picnic, transfer to SkyTrek, Sky Tram/ Trek zipline tour, dinner at Tramonti
     /18 Insect O Rama insect identificatino workshop, research (on own)
     /19 Transfer to Manuel Antonio, picnic, free in the afternoon
     /20 Free
     /21 Transfer to San Jose, guided city tour
     /22 Flight out to U.S.A.
Course Title (students may take 1-2 courses)
BIOL1114: Biology for non-majors
BIOL1604: Zoology
BIOL2123: Environmental Inquiry
Mary Phillips <> or (918) 595-7689
Mark Swanson <>
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